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This was a plaster cast that was painted realistically. Another model shows it off.

Come see my artwork live in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Mahoney Erotic Heritage Museum. The exhibit is from August 2019 to August 2020.

Enlightenment through meditation can help us to understand the true nature of things. I wanted to make a cast of this connection, the point touching the earth when in a tradition sitting meditation pose. 

The making of “Necklace”. This was a special cast just for Halloween with special effects!

Making "Equinox

This is possibly the worlds first Vagase (vaj-Ās) The point when the equator crosses the suns path, half the time ushering the blooming of spring. The Fall equinox brings retreat. No matter how unique and precious the blossom they are always renewed next year. No matter how unique and special, love always returns. 

The making of “Delicate Preamble”

Get a lifecast of yourself or a loved one! Contact us to make an appointment.

Self Reflection

This project took four month, two life casts, and two mold makings

Making Aidos 

this was a silicone mold. The piece was finished in gold and can be wall mounted or free standing. 

This is a time-lapse of the making of the piece called The Beckoning. This process was about 50 minutes long. Casting the mold made here and finishing the artwork required an addition 4-5 days of work.

A very versatile model posed while doing the splits which turned out wonderfully!

This was sitting lifecast using alginate

This was a straight forward cast of a bust. The face was included. The process took about 25 minutes. 

Here I am removing a piece for the mold after casting. This is the piece called Nair Al Saif. 

Once I have made a mold from the model I use the best materials to create my artwork. Here I am applying polyurethanes to create a positive impression.