You are guaranteed to become a model if you commision a sculpture of yourself or a loved one. See the lifecasting services page. 

I am always looking for people interested in posing for a lifecast when needed. I don't generally pay models unless it is for a specific commission or project. If you are willing to volunteer your time and want to be a work of art please read on!

I am located in Huntsville, Alabama, USA. The types of people I look for as models are:

In very fit condition and ideal proportion.

Mucular body builder men and women with extremely low bodyfat.

Very unusual and interesting bodies or body parts.

Contact me at with the following information and I will get in touch if there is an opportunity to pose:

Name, age, weight, height

Portfolio or examples

You can still pose for a lifecast by purchasing a lifecast of yourself. See examples on the Lifecasting Services page. 

Lifecasting Services