My name is Andrew Prince. My ambition is to create pieces that focus on the communication contained in a form, or body part. I am facinated by the reaction to these messages, attaching expectation or ownership. I want to frame these ideologies and incite the viewer to hear or question their validity.


A concept can start with a life cast but that is only the beginning. There is rework, sculpting and hours of additional work in making a piece. I use a variety of high quality materials and media to make something I feel is unique and satisfying. Look through the gallery of previous work and my store. I hope you find something you can't live without!


Are you interested in a life cast of yourself or a loved one? See the services page.  The options are endless and I will work with you to create something you will cherish. Tell me your ideas or thoughts and let me give you a quote.

Lifecasting Services

The Process

Lifecasting involves applying a molding material, alginate or silicone, to the body capturing fine details. Plaster is then applied for structural support. The process can take anywhere from 20-50 minutes. Once the mold is made various materials can be used to make a likeness of the model.  

My Latest Works



Backorders and Custom Orders

Most pieces in the store can be backordered.  Contact me about a custom order or lifecast of yourself for a quote. My studio is located in Huntsville, Alabama.

3D Perceptions

Huntsville, AL, USA

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