Hi, I’m Andrew Prince

I am a sculpture artist living in Huntsville Alabama. My current focus is erotic art utilizing lifecasts and sculpture. During the day I work as a rocket scientist.

Early on

I have created art my whole life in mediums that includes pencil, pen, paint, photography, and sculpture. I have works over 30 years in the rocket industry. I enjoy tackling the technical aspects of molding and creating my pieces.


I am focusing on the art of lifecasting and incorporating sculpture. I currently have an exhibit in Las Vegas until August 2021.


2018    Seattle Erotic Arts Festival, Seattle Washington

2018    The Dirty Show, Detroit Michigan

2018    Birmingham Erotic Art Fair, Birmingham Alabama

2019    The Dirty Show, Detroit Michigan, February 8 – 16

2019    Birmingham Erotic Art Fair, Birmingham Alabama, June 29

2019    Mahoney Erotic Museum, Las Vegas, NV, Aug 1, 2019 – Aug 1, 2020

2019    Erotic Art Exhibition London, London UK, October 27-29, 2019

2020    The Dirty Show, Detroit Michigan, February 7 – 15

Artist Statement

My ambition is to create pieces that focus on the communication contained in a form, or body part. I am fascinated by the reaction to these messages, attaching expectation or ownership. I want to frame these ideologies and incite the viewer to hear them and question their validity.


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